Getting back what’s mine

Bit of unfortunate (and surprising) trivia this morning.

As if losing everything is not bad enough!

So I have over the years shared my photos on some photo sharing websites – and unlike the originals, they are still there of course.

Now I had hoped that I could just get them back from those websites… Sadly not… every single one I have contacted – Gurushots, 500PX and ViewBug said they can’t do it. View bug says they do not have the technology to download photos back to the photographer (???) 500px have not answered and the best one is Gurushots, their reply was: “Unfortunately, there is no option to download photos from the Guru Shots platform.
This is in some way to protect our user’s photos from being spread beyond. ”

SORRY?? to protect users photos from spread beyond? What do they mean? I want MY OWN Photos back… I have none of them left with me on my own computer…. they are mine – my copyright! Speechless…

Well – in any case – if you want to have a look at them “online” at least – below the link…



_RB14040_4760-Edit (Copy)



  1. Your photos are beautiful! As someone who take only photos, and never souvenirs as memories, I feel the deep loss you must have from losing photos. I hope one of the sites that has some back ups is able to offer you some consolation

    1. Thank you! When everything else is gone too, little things comfort me – my photos are those little things – the majority I never shared though so those are gone forever – some very precious to me…

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