4.5 weeks since the fire ….

This is a stand alone post of sorts – today’s combined update/recap..

How sadly fitting with Notre Dame burning right now… it just hits home on so many levels….

So the last 4 + weeks have been a roller-coaster to say the least. We have lost more or less everything, gained new insights and experiences and many new friends and have been humbled by the generosity from so many corners of the globe…

Many people have reached out to us, helped us financially, with goods, with offers of help with work and just to say they where thinking of us. Too many to name that is for sure…but you all know who you are!

Cheeky me  – if you still want to help us, please do so – our givealittle page has ended up we still can accept donations through paypal (R.G.Baker@xtra.co.nz – and select friends and family and gift.).

The thing is – right after an event like this the offers of help come in thick and fast – too many in fact as we could not even think straight yet alone decide how many sets of sheets or couches we can or should accept…. but 4 weeks after, we cant remember who offered what… and still there are things we may need but have no offers for so need to pay for them.

As it stands we have used up all our savings so far, hoping for the givealittle money to help me also rebuild my business and the Insurance plays hard to get – per usual in these circumstances… They even sent a Inspector to interview us separately…. and asking for receipts of our belongings… do they not know ALL was lost … that is the nature of a fire sadly.

However – we also had some good moments in these past weeks – like when my husbands marae welcomed a huge Swamp Kauri log as a gift from the local Power Company who found it during construction work nearby. Here the link to the press release about that.

I took some cell phone photos on the day it was discovered – the actual photos where lost in the fire together with all my camera gear and the brand new 20mm Nikkor lens I used there for the first time…

But below some photos you might like…..

And a few more from when it arrived at Ngawha Marae – cut into 3 sections for easier transport….



In time I hope to give more details on these but for now I just wanted to give you a brief update…


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