Getting back into the travel blogging ..

Apologies to all of you, who have subscribed to this blog in the past and loved it for its variety of topics – well mostly travel, food and nature related.

I let it slip, I know – I put to much emphasis on my work and other social media outlets for my photos and frankly been way to busy to write.

As I am heading over to Europe again next week (how timely just when the winter sets in here at home) I have been asked by many if I could share at least my photos again and so I looked back into the whole blogging business…

Not everybody is on all Social Platforms but with a blog even my parents who are not on other Social media can see my photos (I hope). Also it means I can perhaps give you, my readers, some inspirations and insights into my travels – the inside view so to speak.

So watch this space as of next week I am at least temorarily back “online” as much as I hope to be…

And just for fun – some photos ofsome of the Regions I will be visiting – mostly phone snaps but I am guessing that is better than nothing…:-)


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