Just another day at the office

In fact – my “office” is actually either my garage or the lounge – and most likely soon also the top spare room as it is warmer on these cool mornings.

However – since I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country it is noteworthy to mention that even a bad day at my office beats most other 9 to 5 jobs – especially if those are in an actual office in a big city.

Morning Mist at Long Beach
Morning Mist at Long Beach

So I thought I write a bit about my “daily grind”.

The downside of being your own boss is that there is virtually no weekend or public holiday to look forward to and the hours can be long (60+). Most weeks are structured around the workload (or sometimes the lack of it) and one need to be very disciplined as well. There is no “IT department” to help you out if the computer packs in or indeed the website needs upgrading and equally no accounts person either to help with the unavoidable book work when running a business.

Two Paddle Boarders at Long Beach
Two Paddle Boarders at Long Beach

The nature of my work also makes it rather hard to get in help if there are a  lot of orders. An artist in a renaissance painters studio might have had help – where the maestro only put his name at the bottom – but here it is all my own work, my own expectations and ultimately my name on the line.

Creative Wall Hanging - inspired by 3 old piupiu
Creative Wall Hanging – inspired by 3 old piupiu

Flax weaving by nature means a lot of “alone time” and some people can’t handle it. I love the quietness and solitude when I need to concentrate on a particular item and this could not be achieved in any other setting than a studio or as in my case – at home alone (punt intended).

Some of my best idea’s come to me when I am either driving alone to and from Auckland to harvest Harakeke (NZ Flax) or indeed when I am working on something unrelated and just let my thoughts flow.

Also the weather plays a big part in my line of work. In Winter when the humidity is high the natural fibres we work with will get mouldy and water stained very quickly – one day of rain is enough to ruin the previous day’s work with unsightly watermarks.

Which is why I can (and should) only travel in Winter to do my research into Taonga Maori in European museums (see earlier posts).

ANZAC Day 2014 - we will remember them!
ANZAC Day 2014 – we will remember them!

So today was one of those unremarkable – remarkable “daily grind” days.

Waking up to the Southern Cross shining through the skylight already made my day but when I hear the sound of morepork, tui and weka nearby it only got better. Today for instance it was “gorillas in the mist” here , fog as far as the eye could see, but that is the perfect time to head out and take the camera to find some good photo  opportunities – something one can’t do when working in a “normal” job. Being a public holiday meant there where many other people out and about early – some exercising and others with the same idea as me – taking photos or getting ready for the ANZAC parade.

Spider Web in Morning Fog
Spider Web in Morning Fog

Living in a small town but surrounded by nature and the ocean also has its own unique lifestyle and advantages. Some people just need the city with it’s night-life, shops and other conveniences – that’s not me luckily. It sometimes seems like Russell is the “end of the road” for so many people who have searched for a different live and finally found it here. This is most certainly true for me.






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