Crowd funding and facebook

The two don’t really have a lot in common at first glance – however – that is just the first glance.

Some of you may be aware of my deep dislike of facebook – for various reasons (however valid or not they are). Crowd funding on the other hand I loved from day 1. After all some great projects around the world have been paid for through this avenue of payment.

My favourite one has to be the the archaeological dig at Leiston Abbey with Dig Ventures – by the way the next one is coming up again in July and if you ever wanted to try your hands at digging up dirt and hopefully finding something to date that dirt – you should try it!

Leiston Abbey, Suffolk
Leiston Abbey, Suffolk

There are other projects or personal causes of course – most seem to be around people who are very ill and either have a last wish or try to raise money for expensive treatment that is not available through the public health system – a failure in the system in my eyes! I have over the years been a steady supporter of many of these causes – when I had a few dollars I would quite happily donate them to a good cause – same as you do when they out and about with their collection buckets for Daffodil Day or Anzac Day.

This time around though I am in need of  a bit of outside help – my project to find and catalogue taonga maori in overseas museums started off as a bit of a personal interest and challenge – but has since taken a life of its own – once I started scratching the surface I realised that there is so much of those treasures over in Europe but also that there is a huge interest in those items back here in New Zealand.

Large Kakahu
Large Kakahu

So I started to raise funds for a continuation of this project – no, not for a paid for overseas holiday as some might suggest – it is actually work – hard work at that as spending a whole day in a museum, looking at various artefacts and trying to find out where did they come from and why – and most importantly collecting all the data that people back here might need to satisfy their interest is hard work – despite the fact it happens to be in my home country.

Germany is big – so when I go there for this project it does not mean I am sitting at my mum’s table and enjoy the scenery – no I have to travel from city to city and spend days on the road – and hopefully start building a database that one day can be accessed by everybody – free – who wants and needs to find out more about a specific item.

This is where my friends said – you need to be on facebook – get the word out about this as it is such an important undertaking and just by sheer luck you will never get the numbers to support you.

So I took the plunge – created a facebook account, a page for my business and will have to create another page just for the fund raising effort – as this will be on going over a few years I suspect.

I have since had comments like “Hallelujah – miracles do happen”  or “Rita – on facebook? really?” – so this goes to show how much I love this project that I am willing to even overcome my dislike of facebook…

I hate self promotion but even that goes out the window for the cause – so if you do want to help – you can do so by donating on this page or just spread the word – re-send, re-tweet, re-blog – I am happy for any help I can get from this lovely on-line community! Thank you!





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