Castles, Castles and loads of other historical sites & UK roads

Sorry I have been rather quiet on the blog front for the last week or so as the wifi in the places I went to was either not existent or very expensive – not good for blogging.

Castles – yes there are plenty but most likely nowhere else than in Wales have they so many in a relatively small area. We managed to see 4 in one day – ok they where all ruins but still they are castles!

But I am running forward in big steps here – Wales was almost at the end of our time together here – since my last post we spent a few days in London first.

My visit at the British Museum archives – or storage area was a highlight of that. There I restricted myself to only Piupiu – and that was a good move – as some of you might know they have so many items in their collection that it would have taken me more than one day to see them all.

British Museum Forecourt
British Museum Forecourt

I did take some photo’s but they don’t show the true likeness I am afraid. However the other highlight in London was a visit to the Pompeii Exhibition at the British Museum – no photo’s allowed there though. I loved it – my sister not so much – despite the fact that one has to buy a timed ticked (pre-orderd no less) the crowd in there was gigantic – for lack of better word. One could hardly see the objects or read the descriptions – but I still managed to wrangle my way in.

Other than that – we’ve done plenty of tourist things in London to – Westminster Abbey, Jewel Tower, The Tower, Thames Cruise – the like..

Though both of us don’t like traffic jams and big crowds – so we left a day earlier as planned and headed for some amazing country side.

Black Flint Deposits at Grime's Graves
Black Flint Deposits at Grime’s Graves

We’ve seen so many different things on the history and archeology side of things that I can’t name them all – but basically we made our way from the Neolithic via Bronze and Iron Age to Roman and from there on to Saxon and Norman and some Tudor to finish it off… Where else in the world do you have such a concentration of historical sites in such a small area? Priceless!

Dover Castle
Dover Castle

My personal highlights where Grime’s Graves – Flint mining site – Dover Castle – huge by any stretch of imagination, Fishbourne Roman Villa – including some re-enactments on the day we where there and of course all those welsh castles!!

On the subject of roads in the UK – hmmm they have some great roads and some that are – let’s say different. They have Motorways and then so called dual carriage ways – these are usually “A” roads – but there are also other “A”roads ¬†that are more like country lanes (in NZ standards) – and then there are “B” roads – don’t get me started on how they compare – needless to say one needs to be on it’s toes whilst driving those roads.

Roman re-enactment at Fishbourne Roman Villa - the "turtle" formation
Roman re-enactment at Fishbourne Roman Villa – the “turtle” formation

However – the driving is one thing – the other drivers another – it seems that hardly anybody here sticks remotely to the speed limit – and the worst of all are the roundabouts – 4 lanes or so – and before they let you know what lane for a certain direction or exit but than in the middle of the roundabout this changes – I am sure I’ve taken at least 20 wrong exits if not more…. and yes I can read the signs and yes I can drive..

Liverpool Cathedral Ceiling
Liverpool Cathedral Ceiling

The GPS on my phone was a great help though as the signage is not always clear and some of the historical sites – or even B&B’s we’ve been to are only vaguely signposted – but the phone is getting a bit old and looses it’s signal every now and again.

Generally however it’s been a very interesting trip so far and now that I have arrived at Leiston Abbey I am sure I can write a little more about that in my next post – the archaeological digging that is.

The Beatles Story - Liverpool
The Beatles Story – Liverpool



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