Thoughts on traveling and Mick Aston

What have the two things to with each other – nothing really – just a line of thought.

Last night the news started with the passing of Professor Mick Aston at 66. Most of you will not know who I am talking about – unless you are like me a avid fan of Time Team of course. Professor Mick Aston kind of inspired me to finally make the leap and try my hands at archeology – not in the actual sense of the word as I never met the great man myself.

However through his appearances at Time Team I kind of got to know and like the man and his enthusiasm for archeology but also his reservedness in regards of jumping the fence with early conclusions – not to mention his colorful knitted jumpers. It is strange that I find myself feeling like I actually lost a member of my circle of friends – it’s very strange indeed.

I am about to meet some of the people who actually worked with him and personally knew him and I am sure they feel a whole lot sader (is there such a word?) than me – so perhaps I should not linger on the feeling of loss – especially since I have no real relation to Mick myself – but I still think I should mention it.

Anyway – I forgot to mention a few things in my last post that struck me as odd – while traveling on a coach through England, Scotland and Wales.

First: almost 90% of other drivers either use their cellphone while driving or smoke or both – especially truck drivers.

Second: Speed limits seem to be a guideline only here – and that is me saying this as a German!

Third: Some passengers on the bus seem to prefer to sleep rather than watch the great countryside going past.

Fourth: Taxis in London – there are two different types of taxi’s – the ones we all know as the typical London Cabs – are different and more expensive than the ones you call from a private company… good to know for our next taxi trip.

Speaking of London – after spending a great night in Cardiff (great because the bed’s where great) and waking up to a gorgeous sunrise we left Wales and traveled to Bath – one of my favorite towns here. There we had just enough time to visit the Roman Baths again and after that short stop we went to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge – well I’ve been there before and driven past it many more times but I have never seen it this crowded – I totally understand why they are about to totally revamp the whole area – taking the road away and building a new visitor center 2km away. We did not go in this time but will hopefully go there early morning some day next weekend when we stay not to far away at my girlfriends.

I pre-purchased a Historic Places Pass that gives us entry into hundreds of historic sites across Britain – far to many for one visit…

Anyway – those are today’s thoughts from me – I am about to do the London Tourist attractions tomorrow and visit the British Museum vaults on Thursday – so more from the weaving front then….Good Night for now – from a two bed bunk room in a backpackers in Greenwich (where the barman is a Aussie and did not took to nicely to my NZ Rugby T-Shirt…)


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  1. Rita, I am so enjoying hearing of your travels, though most relieved to hear that you are more like a cat with nine lives when it comes to trucks!!! A very eventful and interesting journey…

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