Nature, Art Deco and the Eifel Region

Firstly – contrary to some rumors that are floating around – I am fine!

I did have a accident ( Trucks are my forte..) that could have ended in hospital or worse – but it did not and therefore I am perfectly all right! However – I can’t say the same for the rental car – perhaps not quite a write off but close – hey it could still move to the tow truck on it’s own steam..

Rita's write off - looks worse than it really was
Rita’s write off – looks worse than it really was

Speaking of steam – those airbags are as lethal as they are useful – they did blow and first thing to note is a nasty powder that almost blinds you and then I smelt burning hair – of my wrist – had a bit of a burn there – nothing serious though.

So – now that that is settled – back to traveling business:-)

Traveling on German Autobahns is sometimes fun and mostly boring – but generally fast…


I traveled to the stunningly beautiful Eifel Region of Germany – basically right to the other side – close to the Belgian border.This region is clustered with National Parks and Nature Reserves but also Hydro Lakes – more of those later. The reason why I traveled there was my godmother lives in a small village there – called Hellenthal.

My uncle and aunt always take great pride in their hospitality – and this time was no exception. I really enjoyed myself – for once I did not have to organize my next move myself – rather nice that feeling – besides my aunties cooking of course:-)

So on two days we explored the natural and industrial beauty of this region. Firstly we took part in a guided tour over some so called “poor meadows” – they are called that because they are low in nutrients – and as a result a amazing array of flowers and insects call these meadows home.

Flower meadows
Flower meadows

We were there because the local orchids where in flower (basically the star of the show). The lady from the Nature Park was very patient and after 3 hours of wandering on those green fields I honestly look at a grass verge with different eyes… but can’t remember a name..




Geflecktes Knabenkraut - Orchid
Geflecktes Knabenkraut – Orchid

On the second day we took different modes of transport – first a passenger boat on one of Germany’s largest water reservoirs – the Rur Stausee – after an hour we disembarked and went on a tiny little “train” – not a real one – to Germany’s most likely loveliest Art Deco Industrial building – a Hydro Power Station (called the Heimbach Hydropower plant ) – and where lucky to be in time for that day’s guided tour.


Art Deco Power Plant from the front
Art Deco Power Plant from the front


Now – I am not a huge fan of Art Deco – but I have to admit the attention to detail in that what is essentially a industrial building is amazing. It was built from 1898 to 1904 and at completion was Europe’s largest power station – quite impressive.

We finished the day with some typical “Coffee & cake (or in my case waffles)”.


The finely decorated "command center" of the power station
The finely decorated “command center” of the power station

Today it was time for me to continue on my journey and since I did not have the use of a car any longer I took the train – marvelous. It took just over 4 hours to get to my current location – Münster. Tomorrow I will meet up with my sister who is coming down from Papenburg and we’ll fly to London – for the English part of this trip. Fingers crossed we take the 30 odd degrees with us that are fore casted here…





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  1. Well, I’m very glad you are okay Rita!!! Take care on those fast roads over there. What a beautiful building that art deco one is. Impressive for an industrial site. I keep forgetting it is spring time over there. Have you seen any more kakahu etc in the musuems over there. All good over here, I’m starting to get into countdown mode for the move to Raglan at the end of July. am starting to harvest atewheke and others to prep for the wahakura for my new mokopuna coming in September.

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