Flooding in Saxony

I know – again the weather but one can’t escape it. We Kiwi’s love talking about the weather but usually if there are no other news – right now here there are no other news as the weather has turned nasty… mother nature is fighting back it seems..

Basically since I arrived we had rain, rain and more rain – and over the past two days more than 70l in some places (per square meter) – so as a result in some parts of middle and southern Germany we have now floods.

It brings back memories to August 2002 – when Dresden and many other places flooded so badly that it was called a 100 year event – and barely 11 years later here we go again.

I’ve taken some photos and videos of a normally small river near here – the Weisseritz – since yesterday it has risen dramatically.

River Weisseritz towards the Elbe - almost over the bridge
River Weisseritz towards the Elbe – almost over the bridge

Also our biggest river here the Elbe – yesterday it was warning level 2 – than 3 I think now 4 – we have a flood defense channel here – the “Flutrinne” – yesterday it was empty – today full – and the worst is still to come.

the "Flutrinne" full
the “Flutrinne” full

Some roads are closed (photo’s tomorrow hopefully) and we are bracing ourselves now for what is still to come from the Czech Side of the border… they predict it will reach 9m+ the flood in 2002 reached 9.4m…

I’ll keep you all posted  = and it is still raining..


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  1. Poor you!!!! Just dont float away in your rental down those swollen rivers. The kakahu you saw sound really beautiful – such a shame they are not being properly stored. I wish they could come home.
    Just came back from the waikato regional secondary schools kapa haka comps (got mokos in one of the groups), which was awesome. The a day in raglan getting ready for the big move.

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