Last week of planning and making the perfect Pie

Time flies – really! Especially when one has not much of it and to many things to do, it does become rather hectic – but we work best under pressure:-)

The planning for Europe is ticking along nicely I must say – I have booked two rental cars (one in the UK and one in Germany). For London I organised accommodation in a hostel in Greenwich and also the Oyster Card for public transport and the London Pass – that gives entry into most places one should visit (such as the Tower and the like) and a UK Touring Pass that gives access to a lot of historical places around the country – after all I don’t want to hang in London longer than I have to…

I also signed up for a special photography course that focuses on archaeological photography with that should be fun and informative.

For the flight over with Malaysian Airlines I  used some of my frequent flyer miles to get access into the Business Lounge at Kuala Lumpur Airport while in transit – have a shower and a nice meal makes such a difference on a 24hr+ flight – especially since I fly cattle class:-)

So far so good – as to the workload here – I finished my 48th piupiu for the year (I done 48 in total all of last year so having the same amount done by May this year is a big achievement) and now I am onto making gifts for people over in Europe – and a few things that I can stick on my website for sale while I am away -do not have that much stock at the moment on there so that will be good to.

Piupiu drying over the old cast iron fireplace
Piupiu drying over the old cast iron fireplace

Also yesterday we had the annual Russell Pie Competition with plenty of new rules and even more entrants – and so I plunged into the deep water (not literally of course) and made my first two pies – ever – we Germans don’t make pies – so this is new and uncharted territory for me.

I made a beef, mushroom and Guinness  savoury pie with two different pastries – a easy short crust at the bottom and a flaky at the top – never made those before neither and just in case that one does not win anything I also made a Apple and Fig Meringue Pie with Flaky pastry base – that one by all accounts was great – but neither of them won anything – except praise from the tasters  – oh well Kiwi tastes are different to European – the much sweeter but with soggy pastry one won that one.. beats me:-)

Beef & Mushroom and Apple and Fig Pie
Beef & Mushroom and Apple and Fig Pie

Don’t think  I will be making another pie again until the next competition this time next year – it’s just not my style:-) but we had a great night down at the Duke nevertheless.

So I guess I won’t have time or need for another post before I fly – unless I have something really, really interesting to share of course. I am off to Auckland on the 25th – meet up with our Argentinian former flatmates and a few other friends and then fly out on Sunday the 26th – yeah – time really flies!


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